Have you been digging up family secrets? Seeing the worst behaviour in yourself and others? Old patterns coming up to be cleared? Re-evaluating the power structures in control of your mind and releasing your grip? Great, you’re doing the work.

Life is incredibly messy and vital to find its way through mental and physical blocks. The extent to which you try to control or mandate the behaviours and beliefs of others this summer is the extent to which you’re going to see your plans unravel. These lessons are coming to a great crescendo these next 4 weeks.

Accept the demon in yourself so it can be transformed. Let go of the illusion of control. Connect to your higher faith in things working out and prosper. Keep doing the work. Don’t be afraid to see and acknowledge evil in others. Walk lightly, protect yourself. Accept your true path even if it diverges. Forgive. Forgive yourself. If your heart hurts it is only because you are seeing truths you have thus far avoided and severing connections to false realities and systems constructed to restrict your growth.

Mantra options to close this summer:
– I love the varied ways in which we learn our lessons.
– I am free from obsessions.
– I am good because I have learned well from my mistakes.