Lately I’ve started thinking about the brain during my meditation. We live on a physical planet. Our brains need to be healthy and functioning in order to support the murky work of the mind and correctly interpret the sensations in the heart.

The rest of our body can hold tension, why can’t the brain? When the right brain is hyperactive and we can’t stop worrying, can we physically relax it? Give your head a shake back and forth, as if you are saying no really rapidly, totally relaxing the muscles in your face and skull. After a minute of that… what is it you were worrying about again? What are some other ways we can begin to play with or master the physical control center of the mind? There are many ways over the course of a lifetime that our brain function changes. Is there any way for us to be at the helm of that change?

Kirtan kriya is a wonderful meditation to do for the brain. The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF) have done scientific research on the effects of this meditation on the brain with surprisingly wide ranging positive results. I’ll pop a link in the bio for you to try it yourself 😊