Whew, it’s a hot one!

With the moon in such a strong fire aspect, we may experience a very strong bubbling up of unconscious passions or unprocessed material. Our inner nature has come up to roar! Believe it or not this is a good thing. We are not meant to deny ourselves any more.

How you channel it as it rises is up to you is up to you. Sexual and creative expression, childhood games, all favour well here. Let it flow through you, but find the expression of that energy that elevates you. Accept any adoration you receive right now and stop blocking your blessings. Leo also incredibly loving and forgiving, so try to apply some self love to that unwanted, undeveloped, or unappreciated side of yourself bubbling up right now. Bask in these juicy moments while you can – we’ve got some retrogrades coming up starting June 26 that will take us back into inward reflection.