And also…
Venus/Ceres in ♍ opposite Neptune in Pisces and in a mutable t-square with Moon in Sagittarius

Whew. It’s Leo season. Introspective breakthroughs abound, so purr and stretch out a little and get ready to roar. Time to show out your mastery with your efforts. To act in community to get your creative efforts heard. The world is ready for seismic changes already in progress and we’re in Leo season – so the bolder the better! You can do more when you work with others. Even if your instinct is to shine on your own, draw on that regal energy to make full use of your subjects… Er… community 😉

And also… in another matter. Seek nurturing in attention to detail, loving criticism of where you can improve – even if it sits in direct opposition with your dreams of intuitive psychic understanding and all-one-ness. The Sagittarius moon will help you laugh off any hurt feelings, keep it light, embrace new ways of doing things, and genuinely want to learn/improve.

Lots going on at the start of the season, but remind yourself that you are surrounded in a loving support network to raise the bar and shine!