GRAND CROSS: LILITH 4° SOUTH NODE OF THE MOON 3° AND MARS 0° IN AQUARIUS, URANUS IN TAURUS 2°, VENUS IN SCORPIO 2°, NORTH NODE OF THE MOON LEO 3°. (Teachers you are being summoned to guide others through difficult changes and stop being obstacles to progress!) SUN IN VIRGO 19° OPPOSITE NEPTUNE RETROGRADE 14°, TRINE PLUTO RETROGRADE IN CAPRICORN 18° SEXTILE JUPITER IN SCORPIO 18°. (You have a holy rescue mission into your personal underworld to use practical techniques to reclaim the aspects of your inner power that you left to die)

All in good time, friends. This is a lesson we’re all going through this month. Appreciate the timing of your life and don’t fight it. Respect the natural laws of your physical body, the limits of those around you, and the consequences of your past actions. The more you work within that framework, the less energy you will expend fighting the current of the inevitable and more energy shining your unique light while you do your unique thing on this planet.

You are a leader in your life whether you recognise it or not. You have every right to stand in your power and give what you have. But you can’t give unless you have the energy to draw from. Stop fighting the funk or wishing for untenable fantasies. Work with what you’ve got to make your own magic happen. ✨

Mantra: my tears fall into dust to make the clay I will use to build the future