Real efforts to regain grace make changes possible. You’ve unearthed a lot this summer. About yourself, about others. You’ve faced the wormy underbelly within, the rotten, neglected parts of your soul. You’ve been wrung out, shocked, been struggling. Maybe it felt like drowning in the mass of practical problems, interpersonal issues, and subconscious material that fell on you.

But now you can clear it all out. Remove the rubbish once and for all. It may make you sick to hold it in your hands but it’s the only way to pick it up and chuck it out of your life.

You have the tools already to regain your grace and freedom. Stop ignoring your power and use it to clear out the sludge. Respect your knowledge. Any efforts to avoid responsibility for your life right now will be dearly punished – your higher self will make sure of it. Only you know what you need. Take the first steps and start sketching your map of how to get it. Get on with it! Make it happen!

Affirmations are SUPER powerful right now!

Yoga suggestion: Sat Kriya to build the navel, stimulate the crown chakra, and stimulate your destiny (caution if you suffer from anxiety: pay attention to your feelings and stop if it gets too much, meditating in silence on the crown of your head)

Alternative yoga suggestion: literally shake it off. Shake every limb in your body until the shame is melted off you from the pure heat of your fervour.

Mantra: I am capable, I am able, I am ready.