There’s a rumour going around that too much Kundalini Yoga will cause you to come ungrounded. And judging by my practice this year I think there might be some truth to the rumours. More likely what it is doing is exposing that you are already ungrounded.

What kundalini yoga does it elevate you above your problems and give you lots of energy. However if you are working out your karma without wisdom or through projection you can create incredible chaos In your life by not thinking things through and acting on impulse. many emotions come up during the practice and the mind has the tendency to latch onto them and make judgements. you can manifest in your mind negative situations that aren’t real to resolve certain karma, and then suddenly believe that they are real and that you need to do something about it, causing a lot of destruction.

the life force in humanity that we refer to as kundalini is not just creative force it is also a destructive force. you can learn your lessons the hard way and just because you practice kundalini yoga doesn’t mean you learn them the easy way. if you are the sort of person that reflects how you’re feeling on to others it could be an extremely scary experience.

Wrapping the head wearing all white and adopting an entirely vegan yoga lifestyle is amazing if you have strong foundations and are ready to take your practice to the next level. If you have heavy karma or mental illness in your biology it’s very likely that this will be a bridge too far.

I am so grateful for my practice because it has shown me how easily I get wrapped up in ideas. I can see more clearly how ego has been wreaking havoc in my life. Of course I will continue to practice. But I’m completely changing my focus so that my ego identity does not get absorbed in the practice. It is important for me to retain balance and continue to be a householder and have life love relationships and hobbies outside of the “spiritual sphere.” In that respect it has shown me who I am.

Kundalini yoga is not a replacement for a life. If you know who you are, you’re already done.