Many people are really wrapped up in the 3rd dimension and are constantly looking for physical outcomes that might threaten this connection to that physical security. They consult their astrology in fear rather than wonder. “Will my partner leave me?” “Is now a good time to ask for that promotion?” During any retrograde we can be prone to loops where we double back, doubt and question ourselves and our choices. These fearful (and often tearful) questions” take us further and further away from the precious gift of our intuition, where we FEEL the energies in our universe, we SURRENDER to our intuition, and we KNOW when the time is right. As humans we sorely need to develop the courage to listen to that inner self and act in alignment with it, stopping our perpetual search for external validation. The ego tells us we need win/lose outcomes to experience who we are. We don’t. Astrology is a map of these energies. This map can be a guide, or it can lead us hopelessly off course if we assume that we must take every road or that a wild boar will jump out at us from every dark forest.

We really need to consider the lens with which we view the world and how that impacts what we feel is possible in our lives. This moon is a culmination where we can really FEEL we are ENOUGH ♥️ No matter what the other throws at us.

We are moving into a new paradigm on earth: out of Venus retrograde being an emotional journey into nostalgia or zombie ex lovers arriving to clear karma and into a deep reflection on what we value. As humanity we are doing so much good work to understand ourselves that the old ego dramas are starting to melt out of our experience. Astrology needs to catch up, moving out of the third dimensional world of judgement or assuming that everything must have a physical manifestation. Only with this maturity can we manage the power and potential of possibility. Don’t seek elsewhere for answers. Listen to your heart, your gut. Listen to you and use the astrology as a catalyst to expand and love yourself ♥️