We’re all getting a good lesson in surrender this year. This is the final exam.

The distorted ego wants to believe it’s in control of the events of our life. We can and should take control of our own behaviour. But within us we all have a part of our willpower that is interested in effecting certain external outcomes at any cost. Addictions to substances, feelings, other people, behaviours, and mental patterns loom large here. These compulsions to control or seek to appease others are driven by our deepest wounds, the ugliest unseen parts of ourselves underneath the conscious self. We feel we MUST make something happen, or else. These obsessive patterns are inherently draining to our spirit. The grasping energy means we are giving our power away to forces external to us. The idea that we need a particular person, situation, or outcome ignores the potential within us to adapt to all situations, the grace of going with the flow. It entraps us in fear, wanting to avoid the experiencing of deep emotions and going inward, we try to arrange external circumstances to avoid these powerful feelings.

This new moon we all have a unique opportunity to release destructive psychological patterns that keep us imprisoned to specific ideas or outcomes. This could present physically if you are dealing with lower vibration energies of abuse as you will find a way to easily dissolve those patterns over the course of the next month.

Whatever is meant to you will flow to you. You don’t need to create intense experiences with addictions, ego dramas and creating pain for others. There is enough pain and pleasure already within you waiting to be processed. Begin your work on those and you will find your addictions to the external melt away. Imagine the bliss available to you when you begin to allow your destined blessings to flow towards you. ✨

Imagine your life without that crippling habit, without that need, without fear. What would it look like?

Mantra: Dharti Hai Akash Hai
Meditation: Releasing Childhood Anger