How has this window between eclipses been treating everyone? Does it seem like things you thought were already dealt with have returned to test your resolve? So many of us are getting karmic lessons at this time. Maybe this is the time you speak up for yourself and break the cycle caused by fear!

If the new moon was the intention, the full moon lunar eclipse on 21 Jan is the reaction. Watch as the universe follows through with the best outcomes for everyone. Shock reversals and miracles really are possible if you keep your intentions clear and do the inner work to learn the lessons. Those insisting on avoiding reality will get a sharp wake up call!

Whatever you do in this eclipse window, no matter how frustrated or discouraged you are, don’t proceed in fear. Honour your unhappy feelings and make space for them without judgement. Keep yourself as grounded as possible – routine and healthful meals can help you even if you feel like it’s the last thing you need. Incredible changes are happening and that can be hard on the heart. Everything is a blessing, even if the only blessing is to show you that your are stronger than you ever imagined.

Love and light to you 🙏 I’ll post with more detail about Monday’s eclipse this weekend.