Everyone will be talking about the natural creative implications of Leo. But really I want to talk about heart centered leadership.

So few of us have an understanding about what healthy masculine energy feels like (btw the gender polarity is an illusion of duality, but that’s for another day!). So, if we are centred in the heart that can make us afraid to take the mantle of leadership. Perhaps we are afraid to become the toxic leaders we experienced in the past. Perhaps we simply have no model how, or we have lost our confidence.

The recent mass rising of masculine energy to be healed represented beautifully in the Capricorn energy building into the 2020 synod (the changing of the guard to the pluto in libra (1971-1984) and pluto in Scorpio generations (1984-1994) that has learned through pain the consequences of the wounded masculine) is all about healing the masculine energy of the people of earth so that is can elevate itself to better align to the rapidly healing feminine. This lower chakra energy has risen to the heart to give us COURAGE. 1° of ♌ indicates we are inspired to lead but we may not quite feel ready. This is the opening of our courage. You may have any unresolved memories blocking your ability to lead from the heart and stand in your authentic rulership rise from the subconscious 
Use the energy of this eclipse to step into your personal heart centered leadership that is also receptive ♥️

Mantra: Whisper “Wahe guRU” over and over
Kriya: Experience and Project the Original Self