Can you trust? After the pressure, the shock realisations, the illusions, the choices not yet made presented to you that made you wonder if you are up to the challenge, the changes… Can you trust in what you are? Can you, even while seeing what’s wrong much more clearly, can you trust that you have the support and strength you need to put everything right?

Your desire to start something new at the Gemini new moon on 3 Jun may have gotten blasted aside by some intense inner conflict triggered by external events beyond your control. It’s really tempting to get sucked into old programming now that is telling you it will never get better, it will never change, that you are powerless. Don’t let your mind lie to you. This shift into Virgo has taken us out of the emotional drama we felt with moon in Leo and is giving us a chance again to focus, get clear on the practical steps we need to take to make it happen.
Clean, refine, plan, strategise, purify. Start that diet, clean the house, get your money in order. Sinus rinse. Scrub your face. Wash your pets. Loving practical care is key. The path to healing is showing yourself you can manage even through the upset, sorrow, pain, or chaos energy around you.

Kriya: Sat Kriya
Mantra: Dharti Hai