Once a year Mars (♋) opposes Saturn (♑). An extreme test of will appears via a message whose time has come. We may meet extreme criticism, censure, and restriction. Or else, it seems like a heroic mental task is before us. We are called to achieve something extraordinary – without any external praise or recognition on offer. Perhaps the consequences of our actions have come to call. The climate is unfavorable. You’re not going to get coddled today.

Challenge can be confusing. Tossed each way or blocked head on, we can doubt the validity of our purpose, or even our capability. External events will batter us senseless if we rely on them to guide us now. We need to tune deeply into ourselves and connect to our inner sun, the navel chakra, to reclaim our power and project a healthy ego out into our world; to face the onslaught, unwavering.

Develop the art of taking the hit. Let people disappoint you. Let people judge you or slander you. Let go of external signs that you are on the right track. You ARE on the right track. Blocks are just a realignment, a call to return to self. So return to self (inwardly), but keep going (outwardly). This delicate balance of will (direction) and alignment to flow (divine timing) will serve you in this critical moment.

Know that you are loved and supported no matter how hopeless things seem. The divine will carry you, and you are safe, even if it feels like everything is against you.

Kriya: Sat Kriya
Mantra: Har Hare Haree, Wahe Guru