Happy summer solstice! ☀️ If you are in the northern hemisphere, today is the longest day of the year!

Sunlight recharges us and creates heat in the body, an inner fire for us to create in our lives after this special turning point. So many kundalini yogis are at out solstice events, celebrating the inner 🔥! Me, however, because of various life circumstances, and possibly because of unseasonably cold temperatures, have been resting with loved ones at home.

We have beautiful aspects to Neptune which really allow an opportunity for us to release into the waters anything that really needs to be washed away from us. Today is also the first day of Cancer season – this purification brings you closer into alignment with the heart’s desire. The simple authenticity that remains serves you. You when you are most at peace.

It may seem like the world is spinning past you. At this mid way point of the year it may be tempting to dwell on what you haven’t yet accomplished. Let it go. Let it slide into the waters and escape from you. Because it really doesn’t matter. Love matters. The heart matters. Start fresh from this point, as if you’ve emerged from the bath, clean, fresh and new 🌟

Mantra: Ang Sang Wahe Guru
Kriya: Understand your Goodness