Did you think you would skirt by the realisations about yourself that you had a few weeks ago, or in January, without taking any action? Of course you didn’t. So why haven’t you done anything yet about it? Probably because you were still digesting, assessing, understanding and integrating what this seismic inner change really means for your outer life. You needed time to get comfortable with it, and that’s ok.

But really. It’s time to stop hesitating.

The gorgeous illusions that you held onto for so long have become pixelated. We are no longer afforded the luxury of nostalgia. If you are not living, breathing, and making real progress in your life right now, it’s going to start to feel really uncomfortable. Dreams no longer serve as coping mechanisms, a convenient mental escape. Build them into something real or let them die once and for all. That feeling of things slipping away only means you are holding onto something false. Let go.

Consider that the pain that caused you to escape from your life was caused by other people, that should have present for you, escaping from their own pain. Stop it.

The knowledge that we have a responsibility to make something of our lives. That nothing is stopping us except our excuses. It doesn’t have to be an overnight change. But you have to take real, concrete steps towards the life that is waiting for you, no matter how small, because it won’t wait for very much longer. Stop telling the universe you don’t want what you really want.

Divine intervention is possible right now if you don’t expect God to do the heavy lifting and make your choices for you. Take ownership of your time and energy to make something real for yourself. We have a new moon on August 30th when mercury is direct. Reconsider and revise your plan now – execute it August 30th.

Meditation: Ego eradicator
Mantra: Humme hum Bruhm Hum