Have you considered your spiritual privilege?

These days more and more of us are aware of our privilege. But have you considered your spiritual privilege? Some of us are lucky enough to have early experiences that have shaped pathways in our mind to allow us to be receptive when opportunities for transformation and growth appear. Our nervous systems have already been primed to help us embrace these ideas!

Did you have… – early or past life access to philosophical ideas and multiple world views; e.g. reading about multiple religions, discussing philosophy?
– at least one parent or guardian that inspired you, validated your feelings and listened to you?
– past life memories remembered in childhood, maybe even validated by a parent or guardian?
– a mum that mediated / did spiritual practice while pregnant with you?
– a religious or spiritual community that supported your growth without judgement, so your response to new ideas is wonder and not fear?
– early exposure to multiple cultures that helped you understand how cultural conditioning frames people’s perceptions?
– early or past life experiences of meditation, yoga, reiki, tarot, Astrology, or any other “occulted” practices to self-heal?
– out of body, ghost sighting, parallel universe, or other paranormal experiences?
– past life experiences as a teacher/healer/disciple that gave you an advantage in your practice?

If you had these, you were lucky! Many children grow up in the prison of the narrow thinking of those around them. Their neural pathways will take longer to open to the possibilities of self healing.

Instead of getting frustrated with the narrow minded attitudes of others, take a moment to reflect with gratitude on the inheritance of freedom of ideas you have been given, and how you can share it with the world. ❤️🙏 Share some of your early positive experiences in spiritual practice in the comments below!