If you’ve been doing the shadow work these past few years, this new moon is like a reset button to clear out the debris. If you’ve just started, this new moon is the beginning of your journey to purify and eliminate the emotional debris within you so you can live a more authentic life. All change positions. As the wheel turns, some are elevated, some are put down to reflect on the transience and meaning of life.

Strong detoxifying effect with this new moon. An incredible opportunity to start a new diet, organising system, or ritual. Depending on where this gorgeous sun+mercury+venus+mars conjunction lands in your natal chart, you’ll be applying a laser like focus to improving and refining that part of your life. It also forms a trine with pluto in ♑ and Uranus in Taurus – finally giving you some of the practical steps you need to take to make those deep, long term changes you so badly need to make. As we get deeper into Virgo season, it will become clearer how these steps will make your dreams manifest. We have a portal amplified by the solar storms hitting yesterday/today that is giving us the chance to level up!

Change is a natural part of life. Make practical changes to adapt to the moving wheel or else get chucked off. Your choice, as always! If you’re interested in how this beautiful Virgo Stellium is hitting you, please book in for a consultation ❤️ I do short 15 mins consultations to answer questions just like this!