How is your relationship with your journey? With your inner fire, creativity, and vitality? With your verve? With your truth? With the meaning of your life? With the wisdom in your story?

We have an opportunity to heal our inner fire and trust ourselves more this next year as Jupiter transits Sagittarius as part of a 12 year cycle. We have had an intense year of reflection and completion of old cycles as the sun in Scorpio asks us to surrender this month. What themes were present in your life in 2007? How did your understanding of the meaning of your life change? What have you learned since? Are you more optimistic? Do you understand yourself and others better? Can you trust in your fate?

Philosophers, teachers, mystics, sages, and other wise ones. Get ready to level up and guide the ones you’re meant to guide. Grow into your power to heal others.

Lost ones. Get ready for an epic journey of self discovery embarked upon with a new optimism.

If you have aspects in other mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini) get ready for some powerful energy challenging you to grow past old habits based on worn out false beliefs.

If you have aspects in Aries or Leo get ready for a surge of optimism and confidence that can give you the push you need to accelerate the path to your dreams. Just don’t get lazy and stand on the escalator. Keep climbing.

If you have aspects in Aquarius or Libra you may have to cleverly balance a desire to grow (or growth in responsibility) with your own needs and desires, integrating change that you need.

See if you can spot where the asteroid Chiron sits in your natal chart and apply it to one of those passages above.

Don’t worry Taurus and Capricorn, you’ll get your dose of this optimistic energy in 2020 when the lessons of 2019 manifest as solid results.

What have you learned along the way? What will you learn in the future? Laugh and have fun with your story.