Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) The Holy Grail

How is everyone feeling with this new moon? 🌑

This new moon is in 25° Virgo, between the fixed stars Cor Caroli, and Labrum. Many of us are done chasing or running from the impossible ego. Now we can simultaneously tap into our natural desire to serve (Virgo) as well as our natural artistic or psychic ability without self judgement.

Fixed star in close conjunction is Laburnum at Virgo 26°: a clearing out of destructive ego. This self-acceptance of just how powerful we truly are shows us that exactly where our we shine is where our ego, our self concept, gets out of the way to allow us to be pure and joyful.

By leaning into our gifts we can experience a purification of our energy and get closer to the divine, because we know our ego is not responsible for the great things we are able to do when moved by spirit.

After a prolonged period of low energy we had another spike in the Schumann resonance, pouring optimism and enthusiasm to your intentions, giving you momentum. Lean into this excitement and get to work on what moves you. ♥️