Some interpretations for when the Queen of Wands and the Queen of Swords get together.

Passionate, meaningful discussions. Women making decisions, doing business. Quiet mastery in the realm of ideas. Leadership and clarity in the new age. A mature idea gains new momentum. A good sense of humour about, a positive discussion about, ideas. Applying critical thought to ideas and creations to develop them further, to master them. Finalising a plan before you release it to the world. Upgrades in the realms of thought and energy. Pure energy providing new clarity. Cutting through the ego to support the spirit. Finding your compliment. Talk it out, cut through the bullshit. Two yentas, making plans for Nigel. A good humoured discussion. Talking about what to do next.

Spread indicators:

1st and 2nd cards: Ego isn’t always a bad thing; sometimes we need the gentle nudge of a bold idea to refine our life’s pursuits. This is a great time to listen to a friend’s bold plan and consider new options, even if you aren’t feeling so inclined. Stop denying good possibilities.

3rd and 4th cards: The support of this Queen can really help you refine this idea or project. Honestly, the two of you are unstoppable. Remember what you are fighting for. Don’t let the seeds of doubt sprout: apply for mental and spiritual energy towards defeating your own self doubt and your obstacles will seem trivial.

5th and 6th cards: Your life is a reflection of your good counsel. Make sure the advice you entertain reflects the life you want to live. As you move beyond generational patterns into an open hearted way of life, it is crucially important that you ask yourself. Are your elders wise enough to support your evolution? Can you surround yourself with the right wisdom to move beyond your familial limitations in some other way?

7th and 8th cards: Refinement isn’t just about refinement of your lifestyle. It’s also about refining the thoughts and ideas you entertain. Some readjustment and reflection are required. If the energy or the thought feels bad, it is up to you not to allow it into the body. You always have a choice, no matter where you are.

9th and 10th cards: Difficult lessons live here as we finally shed outdated ideas about what life and receiving its wisdom is all about. If you want to level up that means being a master of your own energy, knowing precisely when and how to move your mind and spirit to effect the changes you want on this earth. This doesn’t mean you are taking responsibility for the energy of others; this means you are being very clear about what you project as part of this shared simulation, and that clarity provides clarity for others. If they don’t want clarity right now, it’s still not a reason to stop doing it. Push through.

11th and 12th cards: The best part about mastery is knowing you can have a beautiful impact on the world’s collective mind. Your receptivity has the potential to impact the collective far into the future. The thing about being a divine instrument is that sometimes you don’t see the payoff. Know that even when things don’t go according to plan you will have an impact far, far into the future. Take comfort and power in this wisdom. There is always the possibility of the new; being wise to it will prevent your energy from calcifying into bitterness when you don’t get your usual satisfaction.