As people on earth are getting many opportunities to confront aspects of themselves and their reality that they’d rather avoid, the intensity builds. It’s a critical time for humanity, and if this calls to you, it’s time to help with protection.

There exists a crystal grid that was in use by the Lemurians before the fall of earth from 5D. These grids are now back online to support the energetic field of 5D earth and support the transition of many into this dimensional reality.

This particular grid came to me in a meditation, before I was aware of what it was. Rather than a rigid structure, it was shown to me as a flexible, web-like structure that has the ability to close itself with elasticity, each of its compartments gently melting closed to create a cocoon of protection around earth. I then saw the image reflected back to me the next day, puling the Enlightenment card from the Secret Language of Light Oracle that shows a near perfect illustration of what I saw.

“43. Enlightenment” from the Secret Language of Light Oracle

One of the reasons this was shown to me in meditation was that, as the ‘shock’ effect takes hold of the collective, elevating their awareness, there is the potential for them to be traumatised, making them vulernable to energies that would wish to harness that moment of shock to tip them into fear, suspicion, panic, and harvest even more of that energy form them. In order to protect the consciousness of the group, we can use this grid for protection as well as transporation and anchoring large groups of people in our field of influence (and beyond) into 5D consciousness. Consciously sending loving energy to this grid will amplify its intensity and magnetise more souls to shift into alignment with it.

Those of you doing grid work in meditation right now, you can hold this image in your mind. As the energy around you intensifies, imagine the webs of this grid closing gently. Use this affirmation as you imagine the grid webs weaving together to create a cocoon.

I am safe. I am protected. I am love.
We are safe. We are protected. We are love.