The paradox: it’s seldom possible to call out the judgemental behaviour of another without falling into judgement yourself. Ever felt that nervous pit in the solar plexus? To untangle yourself from its hook, quietly discern what is happening, and withdraw your attention.

Judgment is a call for the energy of another to be different. The ego says, I am different than you, I am better than you, so I am separate. The heart longs to not be separate, so, conflict arises in you. Your ego says to the other, change, so I can feel less separate from you. But the discomfort of separation is within your body, between the solar plexus (superior ego causing you to feel separate) and the heart (longing for connection). It’s your own separation from yourself.

So if you see someone being judgemental to another, feel compassion for them. They are trying to resolve a disconnection within them by looking outward to the entire world in expectation, which seldom works. Gently guide them if you can. And if not, withdraw your own attention. Remember too that you have at one point in your journey also judged others. Maybe you still do without realising. It’s a momentary weakness that causes another to look to the world to validate their ego’s self perception by reflecting it back. A reason to return to love.