We are very full of information these days. Our mental load is very heavy. This is a block. Yes, we have been able to use new levels of understanding to move ourselves out of limited perception. But this vice of endless amounts of information, images, ideas, and constructs available to us has created a new kind of mental backlog. Consider that along with everything you seek out and consciously consume, your subconscious is also receiving a large number of images passively, as you walk past advertisements, as someone’s phone plays something in the background, or as you ignore the conversations you walk past in the street. Alerts and notifications quickly cancelled are feeding your subconscious information multiple times a day, none of which may be relevant or even accurate.

A pitfall of the mental abundance of the information age, is the lack of discernment. Internally we understand the information we are parsing constantly lacks credibility. This junk information, or junk media, reflects back to us a false reality. And internally we doubt the veracity of the information, even if our ego doesn’t want to admit that is the case and prefers to entrench itself in more ‘secure’ limited viewpoints. Deep down our true self is aware of this dichotomy, so each time you pass on the information received and share with others the mis-truths and half-truths already out of alignment with your intuition, your subconscious registers that you are giving energy to these false realities. Because you are a powerful creator, you even run the risk of creating these realities for yourself or others.

We allow ourselves to continue consuming information, images, and realities that are not in line with our deeper intuition, even if we know that more is not better, simply because we are addicted. We have developed a pattern of filling the empty spaces within our mind with the chatter of information.

We understand. Flashing lights are captivating.

The abundance of information available to us has also filled the ego dimension of humanity with a false confidence that all is already known, or that all is knowable and accurately recorded. It stifles the flow of imagination and inspiration. Even worse, we have begun out sourcing our own internal recollections to a third party (google) and are much more vulnerable to manipulations, whether they are subtle or quite extensive, as to who we are and where we come from. The assault of junk information in our consciousness is a targeted strategy to pull us out of our own internal silence.

It is the silence, the space in our own mind, that creates the childlike wonder of our inner innocence and the quiet nobility of our inner maturity. It opens up a channel for us to be able to receive inspiration through the collective unconsciousness, through our guides, through forces greater than us, or even from the divine. The vast majority of humanity either have the radio of their higher perception turned off, or else it is on and they are talking loudly over it, not able to listen to the transmission. It is in the quiet that allows us to cultivate room for our nobility, the crown given to us by our connection to source.

You are noble and wise, beneath your noise and self judgements. Reclaim your crown.

The dignity of humanity is present in those quiet moments. The crown chakra, when clear and shining, allows for light to activate around the crown arcline (the halo). The ego mind does not need to shout over the powerful silence present when someone with an awakened crown chakra walks into the room. It is a clear and direct channel to the divinity present for all of us if we are able to feel it. It is that silent fear within you of the silence, that if you give yourself enough space you will feel only the nothingness, that somehow for you, the connection to the divine is not alive, that keeps you restlessly hunting for new information, regardless of its authenticity.

This is your opportunity to take a real accounting of all the information you hold in your mind, and that you consume on a daily basis. How can you de-clutter what is there, and stop this inflow of information, so that your mind can be clearer? You need not escape to the countryside or sit under a tree. Sometimes it is just about giving things the right attention, and being conscious of what you are consuming. If you want to watch something you know may have a negative influence on you, do not deny or judge yourself, but take action to counterbalance its effects. This is about quiet cultivation of your truth.