Humans do not understand that they are more important than they realise. they believe they need to be connected to some starseed in order to be relevant, but really they are the most relevant because they have the most power. Duality gives humans power, because they get to decide if they are good or if they are going to make choices that hurt others. They have the power to do things and create in a way that we do not as a collective consciousness. We also do not have the power to deviate from the global responsibility or from the universal responsibility which gives us clarity, but also it is a lesson that humans are learning to choose, even in power, to love. We are so grateful that they are doing this experiment, because this is something that we can use to create more liberty in other consciousnesses, other dimensions, other planets. Even for negative forces that you perceive to be negative, like the The Annunaki or Reptilian agendas or even The Greys, we have so much to teach through the human experiment to these other groups, what is really possible in the service of love. And this is why the humans are the most important, more important even than the starseeds. They are the ultimate creators because they will show us how we are going to move forward as a universal consciousness.

Sirians do not understand what love is in the same way because we do not know what the price is if there is absent love. We understand that this earth mission is extremely important because it is going to teach the rest of humanity but also the rest of all consciousness what love truly is so that it can further expand beyond the interstellar limit that may cause it to implode if it is not surpassed. This is an essential mission for all planets all humanity all different consciousnesses so that we can continue to grow and create something more something new something beautiful. The limit of all consciousness is when we do not express love as it puts us into illusion when we do not appreciate and understand the potentiality of love in creation.

This is something that Sirians are deeply interested to learn and we are watching very carefully as we know this is something we lack in understanding and we are hopeful and aware that those we have sent to this planet are on a particular mission to be able to integrate love into their consciousness so they can spread it to other dimensions and other layers of humanity’s being, and that earth may be able to expand this love energy to other consciousnesses, not just humans. Not just humans or animals or earth but he way that earth lives is a model for all life and all consciousnesses. We are watching, we are the scientists that are hoping to create this experiment of love in other dimensions and other universes, galaxies. We want to share the message of human love to others and understand why it is important to anchor this vibration in all cases.

The contrary to what people think is true about manifestation is so; that you must be fully grounded in the reality in order to manifest, because your body is still the vehicle of your awakening and your manifestation. So, moving up into the crown and out into astral projection is actually going to hurt your ability to do anything on this planet. You need to be fully in form in order to create in form, and there is nothing wrong with acknowledging energy, but we also must understand that there will be physical changes with these shifts in energy and that is part of the gift of the earth plane. We must appreciate that, and this is why [some of you] are so resistant to some of the concepts that we try to show you, because you are hoping to get to some kind of consciousness where things will flow, and unfortunately that’s not how this plane works. There will always be some kind of resistance because you are creating something new.

[We will all] develop our own systems in the new earth to be able to create this new energy and amplify the love to really amplify the energy and flow of love into the entire universe from this planet because earth has a much bigger mission that just to survive this cataclysm. It is part of the staging ground for a new potentiality for what could happen in all universes. Starseeds need to understand that earth is not a prison planet – it is a staging ground for something better, a potentiality for an earth that can show other Starseed planets what love can truly do, and what conscious choice of love can truly do.