Some interpretations for when the Queen of Wands and the Queen of Cups get together.

Emotional verve. Spirited discussion about feelings. Open hearted women. Empathy informing evolving high ideals, anchoring the unconditional love in loving outward action. A burst of sisterly, supportive energy that moves emotions. Heart filling physical activities. Healing received from your familiar. Women coming together for spiritual practice. Passing into the water, holding space for the passage into the next realm. Lighting the way for others, candle bearers. Candle crowned maidens at Christmas – bearers of light in the darkness. Winter dreams of spring. Fire thawing ice to let it flow again. A wink and a nod. A warm hug between young women. Giggles. Supportive realigning of creativity and emotions in feminine energy, encouragement along a creative or emotional path by equals. Realigning the magnetic field over the feet by standing at the edge of the ocean. Stoking the fires in the heart within.

Spread indicators:

1st and 2nd cards: You two are true lightworkers, able to inspire levity and unconditional love even in the midst of trying circumstances. You’ve been connected together to do precisely that: the alchemy in question is in the matters of the heart. This is your green light for that self love ritual or healing practice.

3rd and 4th cards: One strong way to build foundations in our emotions and our spirit is masterful participation in the feminine connections and kindred spirits in our lives. Your friendships and female connections (of any identified gender) are the key to mastery of your energy so that it can be unbreakable and unshakeable, even in difficulty. These moments will support your spirit for this lifetime and many more.

5th and 6th cards: When you meet careless words, or opposition, seek the playful love beneath it. You could be missing a gentle nudge in the right direction from a queen trying to correct your course. Don’t let it make you feel like your flame is snuffed or your fingers are singed. The discomfort is a loving sloughing off of ego’s pretensions. Let any unsolicited advice wash over you with tenderness towards yourself.

7th and 8th cards: Ever have a friend you can sit with in silence? Your energy works together without even your conscious awareness. Sometimes the alchemy between two is even more powerful when the conscious awareness is kept asleep and unable to interfere. This is the unity that allows an even more powerful combined loving force to manifest love in the world. What will you do with all this energy?

9th and 10th cards: What you are exuding together is so mysterious, so ephemeral, so subtle and potent, that those embedded within a control dominant system (you earthlings may call the patriarchy) will certainly try to attack. Expect confusing behaviour from those around you unprepared to deal with the gentle, loving Sophia goddess energies you are anchoring. It will appear to them as you are doing nothing, an abandonment when action is required, because your work is in such subtle domains. Another great opportunity to refine your ability to persistently ground unconditional love on this earth.

11th and 12th cards: Congratulations. You have mastered the skill of indeterminate bliss. Your movements are the communicator of love and ecstatic experience. You must maintain your movement in peace, a balance and flow which will adjust and shift as the world around you changes to catch up with you. Like any dance, there will be a time to stop, either to rest or change partners. Then the great dance starts again.