Some interpretations for when the Queen of Wands and the Queen of Pentacles get together.

Feminine desire; heat in the body. Physical activity and nourishment that invigorates the body and spirit. A long walk through the woods, Pathways to self pleasure. Tantric exploration. Cooking, and self nourishment as spiritual practice. Creative culinary pursuits. Enchanted objects. Playing around by experimentation. Flirtatious hugs between girlfriends. Dancing. Ladies unashamedly enjoying pleasure. Knowing how to have a good time. Girls night out. Girlfriends get together for a special occasion. A mature kundalini activation in the woman’s body. Practical magic. Making potions, healing tea. Burning peat, keeping the home fires lit. Embodiment of spiritual lessons mastered. Wisdom enough to know when to play.

Spread indicators:

1st and 2nd cards: This desire has sprung up for the simple pleasure of feeling good in your body. And so, what is wrong with that? There’s sexual or creative mastery available to you in this new experience.

3rd and 4th cards: Cellular regeneration is coming to you with this energy integration. Laughter clears out your 3rd chakra (navel) and helps you see the simple joy available to you just in your body. Lightening up is a spiritual discipline, but you already knew that.

5th and 6th cards: There is the potential, with this guidance, for desire to jump from the pleasureful to the tantric. You are being modelled a version of high vibration feminine energy because it is meant for you to integrate that energy. Don’t confuse what you desire to possess with what you long to become.

7th and 8th cards: Your sensuality and creativity is being reflected out onto the world via the body. You are skillfully able to communicate with your physical form and model out to others how energy can be transmuted in the body. This is the application of the feminine energy, the shakti, to begin to create worlds.

9th and 10th cards: Your body is an instrument through which large amounts of energy are being transmuted and processed. Do not be alarmed by desires and energies that flow through your body seemingly out of nowhere. You are so close to passing through the gate where this high vibration feels less disturbing to your energy. Let the pulses of energy come and go, and let yourself believe you are worthy of this pleasure in the meantime.

11th and 12th cards: How does it feel to experience a post-ego sexuality? All cells, all life, and all living things are potent with creative potential, and bliss is readily available at your fingertips. You can create this bliss for anyone you wish, only because you ARE bliss, centered at the heart. Orgasm no longer feels like a separate event; when all love is within you, there is less contrast, and you no longer go through cycles of separation and connection. Do not be alarmed if you start to feel neutral or sad – it is a sign that more energy is about to be integrated, and a new cycle is about to begin.