Some interpretations for when the Queen of Swords and the Queen of Pentacles get together.

Physical refinement. Making plans. Shopping lists. Cunning strategies that make good use of available resources. Clever use of materials. Wise discernment of where to expend one’s energy. Wisdom and apothecary. Writing about herbalism. Shaping form with the mind; material manifestation. Executing the perfect plan. A commitment to clarity won through persistent discipline. The calm you feel in your heart when a simple truth is expressed and felt. The clarity you feel when your physical needs are secure and met. A friend gives you insight that helps you cut through illusion to simple safety. Who needs to struggle to make changes? You speak and it manifests. Words shape form; acknowledge your power and make conscious your spellwork.

Spread indicators:

1st and 2nd cards: New information will be shared to you that will help you understand how to better make use of the resources available to you. If you are the queen of swords, be mindful of your words, as they will have a great impact.

3rd and 4th cards: An even exchange is coming to you that will help you find greater balance within. External strategy is just a mirror for how you are better learning to communicate with yourself. The mind-body connection is strengthened by conscious attention to the wisdom of the heart.

5th and 6th cards: Your plans require assistance from others or further refinement. Make them carefully and consider all effects / consequences of your actions. You need this support as your skills are being stretched. You are cutting further into the unknown, but this will lead you home.

7th and 8th cards: Let go of your ego attachments to the outcome and focus on surrendering your expectations. Wisdom is what takes you out of your personal story and into the light of being a teacher to others. What is common in your experience that you can share, that will bring clarity to others?

9th and 10th cards: Take comfort in the fact that talking about it means the lesson has already passed. You can laugh at the truth now. Taking comfort with gratitude balances out the harsher lessons that wisdom brings. Let go of bitterness; your joyful moments are just as truthful as your painful ones.

11th and 12th cards: There is transcendent potential here available through the integration of the mind and body. Ground and nourish your body, and you will naturally unravel even more of your limiting beliefs. No great effort is required. Take care of yourself and your mind will let go of its false ego attachments; its fleeting fancies of the temporal life are no match for the peace found in the truth.