(the Schumann resonance is off the charts. breathe and stay grounded. talk to your friends.)

The hardest thing for us to do sometimes is surrender. We do our meditations with objectives in mind. We want to work so hard to shift our energy – not because it’s the best way, but because it validates our ego’s perception that we are responsible for our successes in life. It is far scarier to confront that perhaps we are conduits of energy; holographic forms through which some greater collective conscious wisdom is expressed. It activates many fears. We feel powerless, and it causes us to resist our surrender to flow. Just know that those fears are coming up now to be loved through just like the universe loves you. You’re getting practice on being a properly aligned conduit for that greater conscious collective wisdom within all things: the love.

You’re alive on this earth, a miracle in itself. You being here is helping others. You are already doing it; what you are doing is enough. It’s only the perspective of the deficient and judgemental ego that makes you think any different. Stop worrying about doing the right thing. Release into your informed intuition by trusting that your are doing precisely what is needed.