The special thing about being a channeler is the privilege of hearing all these beautiful messages come through for myself and others. It feels like a direct link to the 🗡️ that cuts through confusion and allows natural clarity to come through. I love helping people figure things out for themselves – this is evergreen.

There is a price, though. When you bring through something beautiful, ether through art, or inspirational messages, it’s going to trigger people. By design. Whatever adverse reaction they have to beauty, know that it’s your sacred work to pull that out of them to look at and discard. Align to that so you aren’t hurt by their response. Yes I said sacred. That’s another triggery one. Look at how we’ve been conditioned to fear and react negatively to the very things that could liberate us from suffering. It’s nothing you need to change – you are already changing it by dismantling it within you and I am so proud of you for it.

When an artist (AKA human) evolves they’re going to upset a lot of people that don’t want to come along for the ride yet somehow still feel entitled to your energy. It’s a cry of insecurity, wishing for things to be the way they once were. I wish you the fairy dust of acceptance today – of your own beauty, of your own grace, of your own changes.