my name is iael (ya-el) and i’m a channeller, reader, and activator. I work with reiki, source energy, quantum energy, soul shard retrieval, channelled messages from your guides to assist with your soul growth and journey, for yourself and to align to your divine counterpart.

I studied as yogi and meditation teacher, writer, and everyday mystic since 2002. since my kundalini awakening in 2012, I’ve been dedicated to personal and collective healing. I am claircognisant, and I’ve been receiving clear channels from ascended master and angelic guides since 2019. I was reiki attuned at Level 2 and received the Toroidal Stargate Activations in 2022 to allow for energy activations and distance healing, although I have since integrated those practices into my own method. I am also the creator of Priya Shiva Mala, where I create tantric mala for protection and elevation of our energy using crystal, higher frequencies and sacred mantra.

my heart’s intention is to create space for starseeds that have fallen in love with earth, and experienced humans who are ready to live in love and devotion to the best that humanity can give to each other. we are all divine, living a human experience. this is a place for us to settle in, get cozy, and nurture eachother back to home frequency, so we can bring that energy back to gaia/tara and create the new earth.


Iael is a very intuitive and compassionate reader. She is very knowledgeable with tarot, and knows how to interpret the cards based on the combination and situation. She incorporates her own intuition and psychic ability in her readings which is beyond what the cards say. She knows how to bring out the positivity even in the worst readings. Highly recommended! Thank you Iael! San Lau, Sound Healer and Founder of Toroidal Stargate Activation

Words aren’t adequate to describe the rare gift and insight that I witnessed upon receiving a Tarot reading with Iael. I began to have chills in my body with the resonance of truth in her interpretation of the cards. She offered practical steps, advice and guidance to allow for ease and the unfoldment of my path. It felt like she knew the intimacy of my soul, and it’s journey ahead. Iael has a direct and pure connection to our multidimensional reality and it’s unseen helpers. We are blessed to have such a rare gem as Iael among us.Paula M., Victoria, BC, Canada, Arya of

There are readings that fire you up, but not enough to inspire you to take concrete steps to change things in your life. Others are so wonderfully magical and so full of hair-dried unicorns that they leave you with a fuzzy feeling and little else.Yet more leave you thinking, “Well! Maybe. Possibly. Yeah, that could be the case.”, and are so imbued with the personality of the reader as to make you a bystander in the reader’s private drama. And then there is Iael (a stream of pure consciousness on an early summer morning) and her readings (so clean; untainted). The messages (and there are many) clear. The addressee unquestionably you. My reading was on point, positive, affirmative, and came with homework. I am very grateful to Iael for her unfailingly polite directness, and the clarity of her vision and message. It was my reading. Just for me. And it gave me the direction I needed at a critical time.Gavin Michael, Dublin, Ireland