Turn on your personal axis into forgiveness, people. Tap into the multiplicity inherent in the varied perspectives of your mind to see the other person’s view (or the birds eye view) so that you may finally feel safe enough to open your heart. You are safe now – you have set healthy boundaries and protected yourself. 2018 has been a major year with many opportunities to release old karma. If you’ve missed out so far, now’s your chance.

Moving forward is a necessity now, and in order to move onto the new stories of our lives we must close the chapter on who we were before. The blessing of an open heart is yours. You deserve all the fullness of your human experience, from the horrific pain to the exalted abundance of love. Accepting and releasing the former will make room for the latter.

We are moving out of the lower half of the wheel, the impulsive, self focused signs of ♈ through ♍ into the second half, ♎ through ♓, where we learn about ourselves through the mirror of others. At the boundary between ♍ and ♎ we have an opportunity to redefine how we are in service to others and to humanity in our lives. Cultivate the bhakti, the spirit of devotion and service, to see the most blessings unfold in your life at this time. There is no time like the present to close old karma, release the karmic binds you have on others that have hurt you, and move on for good. You deserve to release this pain from your heart.

Mantra: I am all of this and more, I am free from this like never before